Italian-Canadian Di Serio Family Joins Magic City SC Ownership Group

Birmingham, AL - Magic City SC is thrilled to announce the addition of the Di Serio family to its ownership group. Rocco Di Serio, along with his wife Giovanna and son Luigi, bring a rich history of soccer passion and expertise to the NISL, further strengthening the league's foundation. The Di Serio family has also been integral in the ownership of the Tampa Bay Strikers and Central Florida Crusaders, solidifying their commitment to soccer and sports development.

Rocco Di Serio's journey in the world of soccer began in Italy and continued in Canada, where he enjoyed a successful semi-professional career before an unfortunate leg injury altered his path. Despite this setback, Rocco's love for the sport remained unwavering, and he channeled his energy into coaching and nurturing his children's soccer talents. Under his guidance, his daughter's team achieved the pinnacle of success by clinching the prestigious Ontario Cup, the highest honor in the province for their age group.

Luigi Di Serio, Rocco's son, inherited his father's passion for soccer. He dedicated most of his life to amateur and competitive soccer and went on to establish his own team in 2005, which he both played for and managed. Luigi's teams garnered numerous trophies across various leagues in Toronto, with Rocco, his mentor, and coach, by his side every step of the way.

In addition to their on-field exploits, Luigi Di Serio is an accomplished author, having penned the non-fiction sports book "Why Baseball is a Sport and Golf is Not." This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the distinction between games, athletic competitions, and sports, showcasing Luigi's deep understanding of the sports world.

The Di Serio family's connection with indoor soccer runs deep, given the Canadian climate's long, cold winters. Indoor soccer has always been an integral part of their soccer journey, as it offers the fast-paced, technical gameplay reminiscent of Canada's beloved national sport, hockey. The Di Serio's long-held dream of being part of a professional-level team has finally come to fruition with their involvement in the NISL.  The family was part of the ownership group of the Fayetteville Fury during their first 2 season, and part of Tampa Bay Strikers and Central Florida Crusaders currently.

The Di Serio family is genuinely excited about their new role in the NISL and is committed to supporting Magic City SC in every way possible. They look forward to working alongside their new colleagues, friends, and team members, sharing their wealth of soccer knowledge and passion. Their collective dedication to the sport promises to be a significant asset to the NISL, ensuring its continued growth and success.

Magic City SC welcomes the Di Serio family to the league with open arms and anticipates a prosperous journey together in the world of indoor soccer.